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The Infinity Foundation referral service is a public service of holistic practitioners available from practitioners who are members of the Infinity Foundation Practitioners' Network Association. Infinity Foundation only acts as a referral service and does not make any claims or guarantees if a person chooses to use a practitioner from the referral service. When contacting a practitioner, please mention you read the information from the Infinity Foundation Practitioner Network listing on the Infinity Foundation web site. To join the association go to the practitioners' network association link.


Mieke Jacobs BA, EMF Consultant

Mieke Jacobs BA, EMF Consultant Mieke Jacobs is the founder and owner of Healthy House Chicago LLC, an Electromagnetic Field (EMF) testing company. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry from Yale University. She also completed 160 credit hours at the Building Biology Institute in Santa Fe, NM, the only accredited EMF training program in the US, where she received training from top electrical engineers in the country on how to measure and mitigate the various kinds of EMFs that commonly occur in residential homes. She is one of fewer than 75 people currently practicing in the US who completed the Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation Seminar at the Institute. Mieke personally tests your living space and recommends which products are right for your house or apartment. She saves her clients money by telling them what not to buy, whether it be a scam product or something that just isn’t applicable for their home. Often times the savings on utility bills can be immense. Unfortunately as EMFs are increasing in awareness, many companies have jumped on the bandwagon and are making products that are not only useless but can actually be harmful, and Mieke knows which ones truly work and are actually needed for your home.
Healthy House Chicago LLC
P.O. Box 1005
Lake Zurich, IL 60047

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