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Elizabeth Anne Stewart, BCC, PCC


Lectio Divina—pronounced either Lex-ee-o Divina or Lekt-ee-o Divina— is a contemplative spiritual practice that enables you to experience deeper and deeper levels of meaning within a single text. As the layers are peeled away, words, phrases, and symbols begin to communicate with the soul, making you receptive to Divine communication. Just as dream imagery can lead to heightened awareness, self-understanding, and healing, so do the words that resonate. As you read or listen to a text, you can be led to powerful epiphany moments in which all that was murky now becomes clear and that which was fragmented becomes whole.

The words themselves are not the message but vehicles for the message—a message that will be different for each person. The same text, then, holds inexhaustible meanings, and what happens varies according to your needs. The same text, in fact, can speak to you differently on different occasions, offering wisdom, clarity, comfort, challenge, affirmation, and even the experience of union with the Divine. All that is called for is the desire to listen with your heart and to be receptive to what surfaces.

The tradition of Lectio Divina goes back to the beginnings of Christianity when monks would pray over biblical texts from both the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures. They believed that the practice would lead to a direct encounter with God, revealing the meaning of Divine words that would be hidden from most people.

Enter into an experience of this sort with a variety of texts drawn from the world’s literature, sacred traditions, and even pop culture.

Engage in four steps of interacting with a sacred text: repeated reading, listening; meditation on the images, words, and phrases that surface; praying (in whatever way you feel comfortable) with these images, words, and phrases to see what message they hold for you; and contemplating on the transformation (conversion of mind, heart, and life) that this text might be inviting you to consider. Also, gain experience with how text and music can lead to an even deeper and more powerful awakening.

Because of the current situation with the coronavirus, this course is available on Zoom and/or at Infinity if conditions improve and allow it. You will be emailed a link after you register to watch and participate in the class on Zoom.

Course 201142 CEUs available
Date  Saturday, April 25
Time  9:00 AM - Noon
Cost  $55/45 payment 10 days in advance

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