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Mindful Awakening with Lama Surya Das

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Lama Surya Das

Mindfulness is the essential heart of Buddhist teachings. Mindful living is a way of loving and more fully accepting yourself and the world. There are six kinds of mindfulness, according to ancient, yet timely, Tibetan meditation traditions. Find out how to let go of impediments to open communication and healthy relationships. Discover methods to deal with challenging emotions, essential in leading a healthy well-balanced, harmonious life.

Join Lama Surya Das, bestselling author and recipient of the 2003 Infinity Foundation Spirit Award, who is one of the most learned and respected Buddhist teachers in the West. In his original, light, and lively style, discuss, study, and practice meditation and mindfulness to integrate it into your daily-life practice. Engage in mindfulness practices by:

  1. Recognizing: Notice with equanimity a familiar stimulus that habitually pushes your hot buttons and triggers, an unfulfilling, retaliatory response such as harsh words or unfair treatment, that might very well provoke retaliation in kind.
  2. Recollecting: With remindfulness, remember the downsides and disadvantages of returning hatred with hatred, anger with anger, harm with harm. Buddha said, “Hatred is not appeased by hatred. Hatred is appeased only by love.” Recollect the upside—the significant advantages of practicing patience, forbearance, tolerance, and stoic acceptance of karma and its repercussions. Find and mine the sacred pause.
  3. Refraining and restraining, through reframing: Practice recognizing the adversary or critic as a teacher, friend, ally in helping you develop patience and overcome unconscious, habitual, and unproductive reaction patterns. The most difficult person or situation can become your greatest teacher, your greatest opportunity.
  4. Relinquishing: Give up habitual conditioned reactivity and let go of impulsive urges in favor of more consciously chosen intelligent responsiveness. Accept the fact that such urges arise, and become informed how not to suppress or indulge them. Find out how to let them be without acting on them and ultimately dissolve them.
  5. Reconditioning and deconditioning habitual reactivity through remindfulness: Recall an entire situational dynamic you have now reviewed, while refraining, relinquishing, and reflecting on how little it will matter in a few months and years. Discover letting go of unwholesome reaction patterns.
  6. Responding appropriately, intelligently, consciously, choicefully, and proactively, rather than reactively: In some cases, this may translate into doing nothing or in other cases responding with equanimity. Make wiser, more skillful decisions based on conscious awareness and experience.

Through cultivating mindful awareness and lucid presence, enable yourself to live more fully and truly inhabit each and every moment. Increase calm and inner peace, focus and attention span, effectiveness, patience, and resilience. Spirituality can be the medicine for all that afflicts you. Discover how to utilize these levels and stages of mindfulness to obtain multiple benefits, both secular and sacred. This retreat is for both new and experienced meditators. Bring a cushion if you would like to sit on the floor. Chairs are provided. The Saturday night optional evening program includes guided meditation, chanting, and lively questions and answers.

Course 171181 CEUs available
Date  Saturday, June 24 and Sunday, June 25
Time  9:30 AM - 4:30 PM, Sat. night optional program 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Cost  $300 
Place Techny Towers, 2001 Waukegan Rd., near Northbrook, IL

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Course #171181 $300.00

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