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Emotional Freedom Technique Certification Training

A Simple and Effective Way to Restore Health
Tom Masbaum, EFT with a Guarantee™ Practitioner & Instructor

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a non-invasive self-healing technique designed to enable the body to heal physical and emotional issues. It is known for reducing the duration of a person’s therapy process. An EFT practitioner gently taps acupuncture points using his/her fingers on acupuncture meridian spots to remove physical and emotional trauma. Use several tools, including applied kinesiology or muscle testing, to get long-term results for yourself and your clients.

Since unresolved emotional issues often contribute to illness, this is a lifelong tool for better health. Release negative emotional issues, memories, and patterns that cause emotional and physical illness. Use the negative energy releasing process on yourself or your clients and experience a release of anxiety, stress, anger, hurt, fear, trauma, grief, and addictions. Many physical symptoms such as backaches and digestive issues also substantially lessen or disappear. Clear negative emotional blocks that can cause physical problems, such as acid reflux, colitis, or diverticulitis. This simple, gentle, and effective technique allows an individual to heal emotionally, mentally, and physically.

EFT is a simple, gentle, and effective tapping technique that restores and renews better health, both psychologically and physically. The training includes:

  1. Using the seven steps of EFT and various other techniques.
  2. Experiencing emotional releases of yourself and others.
  3. Articulating the story and movie technique procedures.
  4. Gaining experience of physical symptom release

Experience remarkable emotional releases for yourself as well as training to become an EFT with a Guarantee™ practitioner, Masbaum’s specialized EFT training. Training includes in-class practice, the original 87-page EFT manual, and three training DVDs. CE credits are available through Masbaum for massage therapists, yoga instructors, and reflexologists. The final EFT with a Guarantee™ practitioner certification certificate requires submission of two written reports of successively using EFT. The training includes full level one content plus the advanced procedures to enable you to guarantee success in every EFT session. No knowledge of EFT is necessary.

Course 171133 CEUs available
Date  Saturday, Feb. 25 and Sunday, Feb. 26
Time  9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, lunch on your own
Cost  $200/185 payment 10 days in advance

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Course #171133 $200.00

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