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Aura Therapy Practitioner Certification

Jane Albright

Level One: Foundation The aura is the protective energetic field that surrounds the physical body. A healthy aura is constantly flowing, vibrating, expanding, contracting, and comprised of vibrant colors.  When there are dull aura colors, slow movement, gaps or other inconsistencies in the aura field, these situations can reveal emotional and psychological issues and patterns of physical disease. Aura Therapy is a healing technique that treats this vital energy field and brings the aura energy into a positive balance. Become informed and practice techniques for grounding and protecting your own healing space and aura. Discover how to ground others while they receive Aura Therapy treatment. Participate in multiple exercises to heighten and enhance your hand chakra sensory and engagement. Become exponentially aware of every aura layer, textures, tendencies, and significant anomalies associated with blocks and imbalances. Determine how to map irregularities in the aura. This information is beneficial when working through disease or large scale healing patterns. Aura Therapy technique is very interactive and propels your visual consciousness of this highly protective and important energy field. Participation includes free access to all future Aura Therapy practice sessions. Upon completion you will receive a certification of completion.

Level Two: Healing Guides and Body Systems Healing
This level expands the Level One Foundation greatly by engaging and utilizing assigned healing guides to assist you as you bring universal energy through to the subtle body's channels and chakras. Work with your guide to direct healing energy to the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, reproductive, endocrine, and lymphatic systems. Implement cellular healings and offer original essence re-initiation. The guides who connect with you are fully trained and respect boundaries. Meanwhile, they are available to you and will clear and re-calibrate your aura when called upon. Periodic healing guide updates are available if you would like to refresh your guides or work with a new one. Level Two therapy works wonderfully with animals and plants. Further enhance your tactile energy experience, as well as your current visual practice of reading energy. Upon completion you will receive a certification of completion.

Level Three: Remote Therapy, Clearing & Owning
This final level addresses any Level Two integration issues. There is plenty of practice time to do the full Aura Therapy technique with feedback from Albright. Run energy checks on each person as they are healing and receiving to ensure proper energetic balances while healing structures and connections are maintained. Find out how to neutrally connect with a person you work on. Become informed about and practice remote or long distance Aura Therapy on another person. This technique works incredibly well and can provide profound insight when working with someone who is very ill or out of reach. Understand how to safely disconnect from a person you work on, clear your energy field after working on someone remotely, and fully separate out from another person's energetic imprints to re-own your energetic space. Enjoy your own more perfectly calibrated aura field. Full practitioner certification is awarded upon the completion of all three levels of training enabling you to offer this therapy to others, such as clients, friends, or family.

Course 201123  CEUs available    Level One Date Sunday, March 15
Course 201124  CEUs available    Level Two Date  Sunday, April 19
Course 201125  CEUs available    Level Three Date  Sunday, May 31
Course 201126 For all three levels CEUs available
Time  9:00 AM - 4:30 PM, lunch on your own
Cost  $195/175 payment 10 days in advance per level
Cost for three levels  $465/475 payment 10 days in advance
Prerequisites You must complete each level before taking the next one

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