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Activating Medical Intuition with The Kortum Technique

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John Kortum, Medical Intuitive

Embark on a profound journey into the unseen world of health and human body consciousness. Join medical intuitive Kortum, for the transformation of your sensory perception. The Kortum Technique is a term adopted by the medical research team that witnessed Kortum’s diagnostic evaluations in a clinical environment with 93% accuracy. By simply looking at people, he can perceive their quality of health—often before an MRI, X-ray, mammogram, or other laboratory test detect any irregularities.

Become informed about the integrative perceptual style that reveals the human body’s matrix of organ and system indicators. Discover how the universal codification of health becomes visible to the human eye in a state of sensory coherence. Explore the perceptual applications of indicator topography, kinesthetic simulation, and sensory aspect ratio that form the foundation of the visual assessment process. Through interactive lecture, video, photographic examples, and experiential processes in dyads and groups, find out how to perceive and evaluate the human body system. Experiment with a clinically established sensory scaffold to connect with the human body’s consciousness and your own medical intuition. Perceive beyond mere identification of medical abnormalities and how the body indicates whether or not conventional, pharmaceutical, or complimentary treatments are effective.

During clinical testing, Kortum also formulated and refined organ dialogue. His ability to converse with human anatomy brought a voice to the body’s spiritual testimony for the breakdown of health. The medical examiners confirmed the accuracy of Kortum’s organ conversations relative to the health history of each patient. Investigate for yourself perceptual causality and the underlying motivations for chronic and unresolved health imbalances. Become informed on how to:

  1. Describe and identify indicators.
  2. Locate indicators on the human body.
  3. Correlate indicators to the body’s organs and systems.
  4. Interpret diagnostic feedback.
  5. Evaluate how perceptual causality relates to unresolved or chronic health imbalances.

No prior medical or intuitive experience required. Kortum will demonstrate medical intuition for some of the attendees as a teaching opportunity for the group to observe and identify indicators. You may audit the course if you have completed the training with Kortum at another time and are a alumni or are repeating the course.

Course 172129 CEUs available
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Date  Saturday, Oct. 7, and Sunday, Oct. 8
Time  9:00 AM- 4:00 PM, lunch on your own
Cost  $295/275 payment 10 days in advance
Cost Audit  $160/140 payment 10 days in advance

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