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Healing Karmic Patterns

Dave Birr and Susan Wisehart, MS, LMFT

A useful way to think about karma is as unconscious feelings, memories, and patterns carried over from past incarnations. Recalling karmic memories is like reading the book about your own mind. Your past life memories contain a record of both your soul growth successes and errors. The more conscious and aware you are of your past life patterns, the more compassionately you can heal them. This frees you to more fully express and experience your Soul essence of love.

We live in a time where your collective and personal karmic lessons are being brought to the surface by an astrological Pluto return in the United States which is a period of death, rebirth, and profound transformation. While this can be challenging, it can provide tremendous opportunity to clear the past and experience the depths of your soul nature.

Past life regression and aspects of your astrology chart are tools to reveal karmic patterns that affect your life today. Discover your personal astrological Saturn lesson for this lifetime based on your birthdate. Saturn represents challenges and/or fears you have carried over into this lifetime, such as loss and abandonment. You can develop compensations to defend against them so that the more conscious you become, the more you can choose to change them.

Experience a group past life regression that provides an opportunity to begin to identify, heal, and re-script the origin of some past life  patterns. Move beyond the baggage of the past and experience the joyous wholeness of fully expressing your Soul's purpose by:

  1. Identifying  your specific astrological Saturn past life challenges and ways to heal them
  2. Understanding how the 10 soul ages, soul types, and missions relate to your karmic patterns
  3. Transforming your experience of karmic lessons by using the law of grace and forgiveness
  4. Recognizing your past life talents and how sharing them is part of your healing

Garner a newfound deeper understanding of past life influences. Gain an ability to expand the understanding of your life, its lessons, and its challenges by healing the past with grace and forgiveness.

Course 201119 CEUs available
Date  Sunday, March 8
Time  9:30 AM - 5:00 PM, lunch on your own
Cost  $90/80 payment 10 days in advance

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