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Astrological Influences

Lisa Hagenbuch

You are in an ongoing relationship with the planets. Understanding what they represent and their cycles allow you to take advantage of the energetic windows of opportunities they offer. Perhaps the most feared and misunderstood transit in astrology is Mercury in Retrograde. Mercury is the planet of communication in all forms. Contrary to popular belief, not all that goes awry with communication or electronics can be blamed on the three to four times it retrogrades each year. Discover what retrograde motion means and how you can track what kind of influence Mercury Retrogrades have on your personal life. Find out how to accept and use the gifts those times provide.

The Moon’s influence on your daily life is highly significant.

Among other areas, it is directly tied to your emotional nature, nurturing capacity, and daily habits. The Moon goes through eight phases each month that offer unique opportunities: New Moon, beginning again; Waxing Crescent, setting intentions; First Quarter, taking action; Waxing Gibbous refining action; Full Moon, harvest time; Waning Gibbous, gratitude; Last Quarter, release time; and Waning Crescent, surrender. There are specific actions you can take during each of these phases that allow you to harness the Moon’s energy for its most productive use. Implement strategies to empower you to live in the flow of life.

Course 192145
Date  Thursday, August 15
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