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Higher Brain Living® Access

Agnes Loughlin, Adv Higher Brain Living Facilitator

Many attempts to make positive change are usually hijacked back into an area of comfort. The lower brain or reptilian brain wants to keep you safe and alive, and most anything that requires a new response is thwarted so that a familiar pattern can remain. Experience how it is possible to bypass the lower brain by sending energy to the part of the brain meant to facilitate change.

Connect to higher consciousness by sending energy to your prefrontal cortex through breath, life mapping, and energy meridians for sustainable joy and positive change based on Michael Cotton’s work through his book Higher Brain Living and Source Code Meditation. Employ methods to energize your higher brain structures and alleviate lower brain stress and overwhelm.

Change your inner and outer experiences of life dramatically.

Benefits of this life-enhancing experience include feeling more alive, happier, lessen anxiety, increased life purpose, higher energy, improved progress toward goals, and increased compassion.  Access your higher brain to effect lasting change

Course 192121
Date  Thursday, June 20
Time  7:00 - 9:00 PM
Cost  $35/30 payment 10 days advance



Course #192121 $35.00

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