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Healing Trauma and Pain in the Body


Trauma does not have to be a near fatal incident. If you have been viewing the world one way, then something stressful happens to you that now causes you to view the world differently—that is trauma. Stressful events can create a certain level of shock on the mind and if not addressed, develop into dysfunctional patterns that can impact your behavior in everyday life. Neutralize the behavior that is limiting your full participation in life by tending to the warning signals of the body mind. Use a clean language approach to access and resolve your blockages and release the static memories of the past that limit your decision-making. These frozen moments of the past keep you trapped in grief, anger, shame, and disempowerment and sabotage your good intentions, dreams, and goals.

The single greatest compromise to health and progress is the fact that we all move in and out of memories 15-50 times per hour.

Emotionally reframe powerful states of consciousness for new guidance and possibilities for healing to emerge.

Course 182132
Date  Thursday, June 21
Time  7:00 - 9:00 PM
Cost  $35/30 payment 10 days in advance



Course #182132 $35.00

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