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FACULTY for this trimester is listed in alphabetical order.

Prospective facultiy members need to request a faculty application to be considered for a faculty position. Please email or write your request to the attention of Nancy Grace Marder at Infinity Foundation. The faculty application is the first step in the consideration process to become a faculty member.

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Eben Alexander, MD, is an academic neurosurgeon who was on faculty at Harvard Medical School. He is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife and Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion and Ordinary People are Proving the Afterlife. www.ebenalexander.com

Gail Alexander has been creating energy mandalas for more than 16 years and recently released her new book, Mandalas Created for the World and Humanity. www.gail-alexander.com

Shantal Alonso, JD, is a wellness and personal growth champion who provides mindfulness education to youth, parents, and professionals. She is trained as a mindful educator by Mindful Schools. She is the author of A.R.T. of Emotions. She is a Reiki master and life coach. www.evoyoution.com

John Bolger is the founder of Enlightened Learning Pathways and a highly successful and inspiring social studies and English instructor. A veteran of 26 years teaching and administrating in public and private high schools, he has masters degrees in teaching and Learning and Educational Leadershipwww.enlightenedlearningpathways.com

Yvonne Czarniak is a certified yang style tai chi instructor, and a certified Eden energy medicine practitioner. She has been an instructor since 2001. Yvonne also has a private practice. www.chiblessings.com

Carol D’Anca MS, CNS, LDN is an integrative nutritionist, author, public speaker, practitioner, and founder of the Academy of Plant Based Nutrition and Cooking. Carol does public speaking, culinary classes, and private consultations. She is the author of Real Food for Healthy People. www.foodnotmeds.com

Lama Surya Das is one of the most learned and highly trained American-born lamas in the Tibetan Dzogchen tradition. Surya is the founder of the Dzogchen Center and the author of many books, including the international bestseller Awakening the Buddha Within. He is the 2003 Infinity Foundation Spirit Award Recipient. www.surya.org

Karen Daughtry, MA, is co-author of the children’s book My Helpful Healing Touch. She is certified in clinical aromatherapy, Reiki master/teacher, and Healing Touch. www.artandsoulenergy.com

Mel Doerr has been a psychic his entire life. He assists police in criminal cases and missing persons. He has appeared on numerous local and national television shows and has done readings for many celebrities. Mel has a private practice. www.meldoerr.com

Therese Evans does intuitive counseling and is an integrative therapist. She is the author of Living By Heart: Empowering Children’s Connection to Universal Wisdom. She has a doctoral degree in metaphysics and is board certified by the American Alternative Medical Association. She has a private practice. www.sacredbridges.org

Hope Fritzgerald has been an intuitive dowser and spiritual coach for the past 20 years. She founded the Wave Energy Center for Conscious Evolution after channeling the Infinity Wave in 2010 and has appeared on many international radio and Telesummit programs. www.we-infinity.com

Cynthia Gran, E RYT-500, began studying yoga in 1978 at the Himalayan Institute, is certified in Ayurvedic health science, and was a founding chef at the Chicago Diner. She writes a column “Yoga From My Experience,” for Conscious Community Magazine. www.evanstonschoolofyoga.com

Kathy Georgen is certified as an ARCH® Oneness practitioner and teacher, I’O® master owner of Integrative Rainbow Healing Center, and has more than 20 years of experience in dimensional travel. www.rainbowhealer.com

John Holland is an internationally renowned psychic medium, spiritual teacher, author, and radio host. He is the author of the bestseller Spirit Whisperer and Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck. He hosts the internet radio show, Spirit Connections, on Hay House Radio. www.johnholland.com

Savita Laura Jachim is founder of Awakening Wellness and a certified Oneness trainer, Kripalu certified bodyworker and holistic lifestyle educator/coach, Amrit yoga teacher, and a yoga nidra facilitator. www.awakening-wellness.com

Thomas John has an infallible track record and down-to-earth approach as one of the world’s top psychics. He is the author of Never Argue with a Dead Person. Thomas has had countless visions surrounding medical breakthroughs, political events, and natural disasters that have come to pass. www.mediumthomas.com

Sunny Dawn Johnston is an inspirational speaker, a com­passionate spiritual teacher, an internationally acclaimed psy­chic medium, and an author of Invoking the Archangels: A Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul and Love Never Ends. Sunny founded Sunlight Alliance, a spiritual teaching and healing center. www.sunnydawnjohnston.com

Debi Kermann is a trained labyrinth facilitator and a founding member and board member of the International Labyrinth Society. She has helped make more than 70 permanent labyrinths. www.labyrinthsinstone.com

Archana Lal-Tabak, MD, is an integrative mind-body physician and psychiatrist who uses nutrition, Ayurveda, body-centered psychotherapies, energy modalities, and homeopathy. She teaches mindfulness and wellness. She is a co-founder of Heart of Transformation Wellness Institute. www.bodymindmedicine.com

Jim Lal-Tabak is a wellness educator and yoga instructor. He studied and practiced mindfulness, meditation, yoga, energy work, spiritual parenting, diversity awareness, and non-violent communication. He is a co-founder of Heart of Transformation Wellness Institute. www.bodymindmedicine.com

Mark Anothony Lord is a New Thought minister and the founder of the Bodhi Spiritual Center in Chicago, the author of two books, and an international speaker and teacher. He is a spiritual counselor/coach and facilitator of virtual empowerment groups. www.markanthonylord.me

Nancy Grace Marder is a founder and executive director of Infinity Foundation. She has master degrees in special education and educational administration and supervision. Nancy completed a two year program in theology and practical spirituality and is an ordained spiritual minister. She has taught meditation for more than 20 years. www.infinityfoundation.org

Tom Masbaum is certified in basic and advanced EFT. In his private practice he has had 5,000 individual client sessions and teaches 85 classes on EFT annually. He is the founder of EFT with a Guarantee. www.eft-tom.com

Wendy McCarty is spiritual psychologist and hypnotherapist. She conducts individualized therapy and weekly groups on the effects of trauma, benefits of meditation, and identification, and release of self-limiting beliefs. www.wendymccarty.com

Marian McNair has worked with sound and vibrational healing for more than 18 years and has sung professionally for more than 30 years. In her private practice she works with crystal bowlswww.cellularharmonies.com

Stephanie Goldman Meis, MA, LCPC, Reiki master teacher and violinist, uses energy healing with music and psychotherapy to help people transform. Stephanie is a graduate of the School for Personal and Spiritual Transformation and an Internal Family Systems practitioner. www.stephaniemeis.com

Charles Muir is a tantra master and the originator and pioneer of the modern tantra movement in the United States. He originated Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving® format, Sacred Spot Massage, and other inventive experiential exercises that became curriculum cornerstones for tantra educators worldwide. www.sourcetantra.com

Maureen Muldoon has gone from Hollywood actress to an internationally renowned spiritual speaker, teacher, licensed minister, prayer practitioner, and teacher of A Course In Miracles. She is the founder of miracleslive365.com. www.maureenmuldoon.com

Caroline Myss is the 2017 Infinity Foundation Spirit Award Recipient. She is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, spirituality and mysticism, health, energy medicine, and the science of medical intuition. She hosts a weekly radio show on the Hay House network. She is the author of Anatomy of Spirit that has been published in 28 languages and has sold over 1.5 million copies. She has authored more than six books, CDs, and card decks. www.carolinemyss.com

Karen Newell is co-founder of Sacred Acoustics, creator of brain entrainment audio meditations that combine harmonic digital frequencies, sacred instruments, natural sounds, and human vocals to access altered states of awareness. www.sacredacoustics.com

Laurie Pawli, feng shui consultant, is the founder and director of the Feng Shui School of Chicago, a recognized Gold Level School by the International Feng Shui Guild. Her certification is from The Integrative School of Feng Shui. www.createthefeeling.com

Kevin Quigley is the former owner of Kevin’s Place and has been involved in helping the community for more than 25 years. He specializes in children’s welfare and self-respect and brings insight from years of working with children.

Linda Roberts is a shamanic practitioner, Reiki master teacher, animal communicator, and medical intuitive. She is a certified early elementary instructor and taught pre-school for six years. www.thewhispersoflove.com

Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP®, is a financial advisor and coauthor of New York Times bestseller, Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality. She is a nationally known expert on financial and personal success and has appeared on CNBC, NPR, Forbes, and WGN. www.ellenrogin.com

Susi Roos,RN, M.Div, is a certified holistic nurse, raw food educator, cancer coach, and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner. She is founder of Evicting Cancer. www.evictingcancer.com

Paula Rosenfeld is the author of The Oneness Blessing: How Deeksha Can Help You Become Your Authentic Self, Heal Your Relationships, and Transform the World. She is a certified Oneness trainer. www.fromtheheartcenter.com

Kathleen Rude is a shamanic practitioner and a ceremonial leader, trained by North American elders. She has a private shamanic healing practice and leads workshops in environmental spirituality and sustainability. www.gaiawisdom.org

Frani Rubens, MS, BDiv, is a personal and spiritual coach, teacher, founder and director of Awakening Spirit. She has a private practice as a healing arts practitioner and uses Tarot as divination. www.awakeningspirit.us

Richard Rudis has studied Eastern philosophy and Buddhism for 30 years. He teaches vibrational healing workshops with Buddhist sacred sound instruments. He is considered the most knowledgeable US leader in this field. He has a CD, Tibetan Chakra Sound Healing, by Sounds True. www.buddhistartifacts.com

Sharon Salzberg is cofounder of the Insight Meditation Society. She has been a student of Buddhism since 1971, guiding meditation retreats worldwide since 1974. Sharon is the author of Real Love, Real Happiness, The Force of Kindness, Faith: Trusting Your Own Deepest Experience, and Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness, and recent release Love Your Enemies. www.sharonsalzberg.com

Share Siwek is a Reiki master teacher 4th degree and holistic veterinarian practicing acupuncture, bioenergetic medicine, and herbal medicine for the past 24 years. Siwek is the owner of Kindred Spirits Healing Arts. www.kindspiritshealing.com

Deb Smolensky, WELCOA faculty member, is an employee engagement leader and wellness director, specializing in workplace wellbeing solutions. Over the past 20 years Deb has received a multitude of designations in this field. She has worked with a variety of clients including Fortune 500 companies.

Christine Sonnen is certified in Spiritual Response Therapy, Reconnective Healing™, DNA practitioner and teacher, Commanding Wealth practitioner, and Reference Point Therapy practitioner. She has a private practice. www.christinesonnen.com

Devi Stern, MS, CEEMP, is a certified Eden energy medicine practitioner and Kabbalistic healer with a private practice. She completed a training program in Jewish shamanism. www.dragonflyhealer.com

Elizabeth-Anne Stewart, BCC, PHD, is a prolific author, on faculty at the Institute for Life Coach Training, and is a member of Spiritual Directors International. She holds a PHD in theology. www.elizabeth-annestewart.com

Billie Topa Tate is the founder of Mystical Sciences Institute. She is a Reiki master teacher and licensed therapeutic massage therapist. She has received advanced pranic healer training. She produced CDs including The Loving Kindness Meditation and The Breathing Meditation. www.msi-healing.com

Diana Ungerwas the 1993 Illinois champion in women’s foil and sabre. Since then, she has been teaching fencing and runs the Chicago Fencing Club. Her students have gone on to fence for NYU and Ohio State.

Radleigh Valentine is an internationally known speaker, spiritual intuitive, and Hay House author with more than 20 years of experience with tarot and oracle cards. He is the co-author with Doreen Virtue of the best-selling Angel Tarot Cards, Archangel Power Tarot, Guardian Angel Tarot, Angel Answers Oracle Cards, and The Big Book of Angel Tarot. www.radleighvalentine.com

Darren Weissman, DC, is a holistic physician, author, and the developer of The LifeLine Technique®. His passion is teaching people how to shift the emotional reactive patterns of the subconscious mind. www.thelifelinecenter.com

Susan Wisehart, MS, has been in private practice for more than 25 years as a holistic psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and a licensed marriage and family therapist. She is author of Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future and a contributing author to Michael Newton’s book Memories of the Afterlife. She was trained by Brian Weiss and Michael Newton, in past life and life-between-lives regression therapy. www.susanwisehart.com

Ryan Winslow, is a certified corrective chiropractor who specializes in improving posture and correcting the natural curves of the spine. He graduated with research honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic and utilizes modern evidence-based therapies to improve whole-body health.

John Yost, CPRP, is a master facilitator, rhythmatist, and educator. He has studied in Africa, Japan, and the US with master drummers and has a degree in percussion. John has facilitated drum circles at major events worldwide. He teaches West African drumming, Japanese Taiko, and leads a monthly community drum circle. www.drummingcircle.com

Paul Zavagno, MED, is a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. He offers group and individual experiences in The Work through classes, retreats, and private sessions. He is a retired teacher and administrator. www.isnessismybusiness.org

Julie Kocher Zinkus has bachelor degrees in exercise science and psychology. She is a certified health coach, a National Academy of Sports Medicine performance enhancement specialist, and personal trainer. Julie is an educator for Juice Plus and the Tower Garden. www.juliekocherzinkus.com

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