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FACULTY for this trimester is listed in alphabetical order.

Prospective facultiy members need to request a faculty application to be considered for a faculty position. Please email or write your request to the attention of Nancy Grace Marder at Infinity Foundation. The faculty application is the first step in the consideration process to become a faculty member.

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Eben Alexander, is an academic neurosurgeon who was on faculty at Harvard Medical School. He is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife and Map of Heaven and Living in a Mindful Universe. www.ebenalexander.com

Shantal Alonso, JD, is a wellness and personal growth champion who provides mindfulness education to youth, parents, and professionals. She is trained as a mindful educator by Mindful Schools. She is the author and a Reiki master and life coach. www.evoyoution.com

Lynn Barrette, LCSW and spiritual counselor, is in private practice. She is the director of the Interfaith Counseling Center, a certified Center for Enlightenment Teacher, and certified Brainspotting Therapist. www.dynamiccounseling.info

Lauren Bondy and Karen Jacobson are co-founders of Parenting Perspectives and licensed therapists, parenting coaches, and mothers. They have presented their original, interactive workshops and classes to more than 14,000 parents. They are keynote speakers, radio guests, and have appeared on ABC-7’s Connect with Kids. www.parentingperspectives.com

Mare Chapman, MA, provides mindfulness-based psychotherapy, teaches classes, leads retreats, and trains mental health professionals in mindfulness. She recently published Unshakeable Confidence, the Freedom to Be Our Authentic Selves: Mindfulness for Women. www.marechapman.com

Karen Paolino Correia is widely known as “The Miracle Messenger.” She is an intuitive and medium who has shared her talents with thousands across the globe. She is the author of four internationally acclaimed books and certifies practitioners in her Angel Messenger certification course. www.createheaven.com

Brigitte Crepinis a clinical psychologist. She is the founder of Zoe Praxis NFP to educate people in the development of emotional intelligence and self-actualization. www.zoepraxis.com

Angelika Danek is the owner of Mind Body Health Center and a licensed clinical social worker, psychotherapist, and Metabolic Balance® certified coach specializing www.www.mindbodyhealthcenter.net

Mel Doerr has been a psychic his entire life. He assists police in criminal cases and missing persons. He has appeared on numerous local and national television shows and has done readings for many celebrities. Mel has a private practice. www.meldoerr.com

David Ellezy, is a teacher, healer, consciousness coach, and author. He teaches how to release emotions, thoughts, and illusions of life. www.davidellezy.com

Lisa Espinosa is a spiritual career coach and is author of Answering Your Inner Calling. Lisa integrates Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy and Reiki. www.lisaespinosa.net

Mary Farhi, MD, is a certified menopause practitioner through the North American Menopause Society and an assistant professor at Rush Medical College. She is double board certified in gynecology, integrative medicine, and is a certified functional medicine practitioner. www.drmaryfarhi.com

Michelle Puranpret Kaur Fiore, E-RYT 500, Kundalini yoga teacher/trainer is a member of the Kundalini yoga training team at Spirit Rising Yoga. She has a master’s degree in music performance and teaches yoga. www.creationyoga.com

Arielle Ford has spent the past 25 years living and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. She is the author of The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction. www.soulmatesecret.com

Kathy Georgen is owner of Integrative Rainbow Healing Center and an intuitive energy practitioner, blending her skills as Reiki Master, ARCH Oneness Expert, and Akashic Records reader. www.rainbowhealer.com

Helen Gitlevich , MD, is a published author, a certified Bars and Access Consciousness Facilitator, Reiki master teacher, and Founder of Akashic School of Creation. www.helengitlevich.accessconsciousness.com

Thomas John has an infallible track record and down-to-earth approach as one of the world’s top psychics. He is the author of Never Argue with a Dead Person. Thomas has had countless visions surrounding medical breakthroughs, political events, and natural disasters that have come to pass. www.mediumthomas.com

Ellen Katz, MS, LMFT, has degrees in education, music therapy, counseling psychology, and religious studies. She is trained in hypnotherapy, Reiki, Holographic Memory Resolution, and LifeLine Technique. She has a private practice. www.ellenkatz.net

Jill Kempner is an angel professional, who served for 20 years as a massage therapist and yoga teacher. She is a Reiki and IET master. www.jillkempnerhealing.com

Kelley Kosow, author of The Integrity Advantage, is a transformational leader, inspirational speaker, master integrative life coach, attorney, and CEO of the renowned Ford Institute. Kosow was hand-picked and trained by Debbie Ford to continue Ford’s legacy of life-changing work. www.kelleykosow.com

Barry Krost is a bodywork and energy healing practitioner. He is a Family Constellations facilitator, who offers workshops and individual sessions. Barry has explored Constellations with many leading international Family Constellation facilitators and trainers. www.healingbodytherapeutics.com

Joy Lucinda incorporates reflexology, intuitive mediumship, and practical strategies through training programs, workshops, intuitive sessions, and grief consulting. www.joylucinda.com

Nancy Grace Marder is a founder and the executive director of Infinity Foundation. She has master degrees in special education and educational administration and supervision. Nancy completed a two year program in theology and practical spirituality and is an ordained spiritual minister. She has taught meditation for more than 20 years. www.infinityfoundation.org

Wendy McCarty is a spiritual psychologist and hypnotherapist. She conducts individualized therapy and weekly groups on the effects of trauma, benefits of meditation, and identification and release of self-limiting beliefs. www.wendymccarty.com

Marian McNair has worked with sound and vibrational healing for more than 25 years and sings professionally. She has a private practice. www.cellularharmonies.com

Patricia McNeilly is a spiritual teacher in twin flame healing and reconnection with experience in light body and energy work,and life coaching. www.twinflamesmerge.com

Elsbeth Meuth, EdD & Freddy Zental Weaver are the bestselling authors of Sexual Enlightenment and the founders of the TantraNova Institute. They have assisted thousand couples and singles in rekindling and expanding their love and relationships. www.tantranova.com

Christine Moses provides counseling and guidance for personal and spiritual growth and facilitates women groups. She holds a master degree in holistic ministries, is a shamanic and Reiki master practitioner, and a certified retreat leader. www.chrisfeatherheart.com

Karen Newell is co-founder of Sacred Acoustics and creator of brain entrainment audio meditations that combine harmonic digital frequencies, sacred instruments, natural sounds, and human vocals to access altered states of awareness. www.sacredacoustics.com

Laurie Pawli, feng shui consultant, is the founder and director of the Feng Shui School of Chicago, a recognized Gold Level School by the International Feng Shui Guild. www.createthefeeling.com

Maureen Riley, BS, Mdiv, is a master healer, life purpose activator, therapist, and certified in medical-energy healing and the owner of PurelyVital Empowerment and Success Coaching. www.purelyvital.com

Frani Rubens, MS, BDiv, is a personal and spiritual coach, teacher, founder, and director of Awakening Spirit. She has a private practice as a healing arts practitioner and uses tarot as divination. www.awakeningspirit.us

Kathleen Rude is a shamanic practitioner and ceremonial leader, trained by North American elders. She has a private shamanic healing practice and leads workshops in spirituality and sustainability. www.gaiawisdom.org

Richard Rudis is an expert in Eastern philosophy and Buddhism. He teaches vibrational healing workshops with Buddhist sacred sound instruments and is considered the most knowledgeable US leader in this field. He has a CD, Tibetan Chakra Sound Healing, by Sounds True. www.buddhistartifacts.com

Louis Silverstein is a distinguished professor of humanities (emeritus) and co-diretor of Life Arts Society. He is an author and public speaker throughout the US and internationally.

Paula Corfreso-Silverstein, LCSW, ACSW, BCD. has a psychotherapy practice geared toward supporting women, adolescents, and families in crisis during which she utilizes bodywork, hypnosis, EMDR, meditation, and visualization.

Christine Sonnen is certified in Spiritual Response Therapy, Reconnective Healing™, DNA practitioner and teacher, Commanding Wealth practitioner, and Reference Point Therapy practitioner. She has a private practice. www.christinesonnen.com

Ashley Stamatinos is a bestselling author with more than 10 years of experience helping Highly Sensitive People. She helps people to stop living in survival mode and thrive in all areas of life. www.omorfihealing.com

Devi Stern, MS, CEEMP, is an advanced certified Eden energy medicine practitioner and certified instructor of Eden Energy Medicine for Women. She is the author of Energy Healing with Kabbalah, Integrating Ancient Jewish Mysticism with Modern Energetic Practices. www.dragonflyhealer.com

Elizabeth-Anne Stewart, has a PhD in theology and is on the faculty at the Institute for Life Coach Training, Roosevelt University, and St. Xavier University. Her most recent book is Mind-Shifting Imagery: Image Guidance for Life Coaches. www.embracingpossibility.com

Billie Topa Tate is the founder of Mystical Sciences Institute. She is a Reiki master teacher and licensed therapeutic massage therapist. She has received advanced pranic healer training. She produced CDs. www.msi-healing.com

Kay Thomas studied sumi-e, Japanese ink painting with Motoi Oi and Evalyn Aaron, and Chinese painting. Kay has also studied watercolor, oil, crafts, portrait painting, silk screen printing, and marbling. She has extensive experience teaching Japanese ink painting.

Atala Dorothy Toy is a tree whisperer. Her books on this topic include Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts: How to Talk With and Photograph Beings of Other Realms. Her photographs have been featured in one-person exhibits. Atala is president of Crystal Life Technology. www.atalatoy.com

Jennifer Weigel is an Emmy award winning broadcast journalist. She worked as a reporter and columnist for the Chicago Tribune and has written four books: Stay Tuned, I’m Spiritual, Dammit! This Isn’t the Life I Ordered, Psychics, Healers and Mediums, A Journalist, A Road Trip, and Voice from the Other Side. www.jenweigel.com

Lisa Williams is a world-renowned medium and clairvoyant with an amazing ability to communicate with those who have passed on to the other side and bring hope to her fans. Lisa offers workshops and courses through her school, the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development. She is Vice President of the Lily Dale Assembly and an author of several books on mediumship and the afterlife, including The Survival of the Soul, Life Among the Dead and Was That a Sign from Heaven? She is the 2019 Infinity Foundation Spirit Award Recipient. www.lisawilliams.com

Susan Wisehart, MS, has a private practice as a holistic psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and a licensed marriage and family therapist. She is author of Soul Visioning: Clear the Past, Create Your Future and a contributing author to Michael Newton’s book Memories of the Afterlife. She was trained by Brian Weiss and Michael Newton, in past life and life-between-lives regression therapy. www.susanwisehart.com

Paul Zavagno, MEd, is a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. He offers group and individual experiences in The Work through classes, retreats, and private sessions. He is a retired teacher and administrator. www.isnessismybusiness.org

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