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August, 2017
Visionary Painting 8/15/17 Activating Vibrant Energy with iTai Chi 8/15/17 Real Love with Sharon Salzberg 8/19/17 Kayaking Mindfully 8/19/17 Tapping Stress Away 8/22/17 Energy Healer Training: Removing Entities 8/27/17 Psychic Empowerment 8/27/17 Lessening Pain with EFT 8/28/17
September, 2017
Natural Sleep Hypnosis 9/5/17 Energy Medicine for Women 9/6/17 Wake Up 9/7/17 Connecting to Angels 9/10/17 Relieving Computer Eye Strain 9/11/17 Compassionate Communication 9/12/17 Restorative Yoga with Sacred Sound 9/13/17 Life Activation: Mystic Pathways-A New Paradigm Shift 9/13/17 Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls 9/14/17 Wisdom Circle Leadership Training 9/16/17 Engergy Healer Traning: Higher Dimensions of Light 9/17/17 Psychometry 9/17/17 Kabbalah Mysticism & Energy 9/18/17 Autumn Equinox Ceremony 9/22/17 Kirtan: Joyful Chanting 9/23/17 Nature Spirit Photography Field Trip 9/23/17 A Light From Within Holistic Yoga Program 9/26/17 Growing Your Business Health Infinity Foundation Practitioner Network Association presents 9/28/17
October, 2017
Using Numerology Spiritually 10/1/17 Finding Clarity in the Midst of Mid-life Transitions 10/4/17 Using a Pendulum and Muscle Testing 10/4/17 Activating Medical Intuition with The Kortum Technique 10/7/17 Chinese Face & Birth Date Reading 10/14/17 Live In-depth Face Readings 10/16/17 50 Uses of Coconut Oil 10/18/17 Meditate-A-Thon: World Peace through Inner Peace 10/21/17 Energy Healer Training: Acupressure Healing 10/22/17 Spiritual Channeling Intensive 10/29/17
November, 2017
Healing After Loss - Daylong Workshop 11/4/17 Energy of Relationships - Intensive 11/11/17
Invoking the Archangels Detox Your Life

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