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November, 2017
Meditation Excursion 11/21/17
December, 2017
Ancient Tibetan Sound Healing Practices 12/2/17 Unconditional Forgivenes 12/2/17 Astral Mind Projection 12/3/17 Life Activation: Oneness with Mother Earth 12/6/17 Special Seated Pose Extended Gong Bath 12/7/17 Shamanic Practices for Personal Empowerment: Shamanic Journeying 12/12/17 Winter Solstice Ceremony 12/21/17 Invoking the Archangels Detox Your Life
January, 2018
Energy Medicine for Women 1/3/18 Inner Goddess Energy 1/4/18 Activating Vibrant Energy with Tai Chi 1/9/18 Decluttering All That stuff 1/9/18 Gentle Yoga with Crystal Bowls 1/10/18 Life Activation: Preparing for Evolutionary Change 1/10/18 Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls 1/11/18 Advanced Intuition 1/14/18 Shamanic Practices for Personal Empowerment: Connecting to Power Animals and Nature Spirits 1/16/18 Attuning to 2018 Energies 1/18/18 Reiki Certification Training Level One 1/19/18 Basic Animal Communication 1/20/18 Sumi-e Japanese Ink Painting 1/22/18 Energetic Detox 1/22/18 Benefits of a Healthy Gut 1/23/18 Intro to Infinity’s Workplace Solution for HR and Business Managers 1/23/18 Chinese New Year of the Dog 1/24/18 Mindful Tots 1/27/18 Awakening the God Within 1/29/18 Spiritual Revolution 1/30/18 Purifying Chakras 1/31/18
February, 2018
Optimal Ayurvedic Diet for Body and Mind 2/6/18 Shamanic Journeying 2/8/18 Kirtan: Joyful Chanting 2/10/18 Divine Intelligence 2/10/18 Essential Oils with the Family 2/11/18 Exotic Teas and Medicinal Uses 2/12/18 Reboot, Rebalance, and Vision for 2018 2/16/18 Reiki Certification Training Level Two 2/16/18 An Open Evening of Intuitive Readings 2/23/18
March, 2018
Advanced Animal Communication 3/3/18 Save the Date Infinity Family Fest on Saturday, March 10, 2018 3/10/18 Thriving through Uncertainty 3/18/18
April, 2018
Eternal Souls of Life After Life 4/14/18 Tapping the Unlimited Power of the Akashic Records 4/21/18
May, 2018
Save the Date Annual Gala on May 18, 2018 5/18/18 Spiritual Liberation 5/19/18

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