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March, 2018
Thriving through Uncertainty 3/18/18 Hydroponic Gardening 3/19/18 Spring Equinox Ceremony 3/20/18 Infinity PlayGroup for Two-To-Five Year-Olds 3/21/18 A Night with Spirit 3/22/18, 3/23/18 A Night with Spirit 3/23/18 Developing the Intuitive Mind 3/24/18 Connecting to Angels 3/25/18 Complete Release of Grief & Spirits 3/26/18 Heal Documentary 3/28/18
April, 2018
Unlocking Your Potential through Movement 4/9/18 Secrets to Tantric Intimacy 4/10/18 Shamanic Practices for Personal Empowerment: Clearing and Healing Energy Fields 4/10/18 Life Activation: Divine Blueprint 4/11/18 Qigong for Empowerment 4/12/18 Improving Eyesight Naturally 4/12/18 Eternal Souls of Life After Life 4/14/18 Herbal Remedies for Companion Animal Healing 4/16/18 Special Seated Pose Extended Gong Bath 4/18/18 Tapping the Unlimited Power of the Akashic Records 4/21/18 Kirtan: Meditation and Mantra 4/22/18 Intuitive Internal Guidance System 4/23/18 Energy Medicine for Women 4/25/18 Egyptian Power and Healing Secrets 4/28/18 Core Strengthening 4/30/18 Awakening Third Eye and Refining the Body of Energy 4/30/18 The Work of Byron Katie 4/30/18
May, 2018
Clutter Clearing and Conscious Home Redesign 5/1/18 Healing Angels of the Energy Field 5/3/18 Spheres of Influence in the Workplace 5/10/18 Deepening Spiritual Practice: Integral Keys 5/17/18 21st Annual Anniversary Gala 5/18/18 Save the Date Annual Gala on May 18, 2018 5/18/18 Spiritual Liberation 5/19/18 Showing up with Authentic Presence 5/29/18 Walk with Me 5/30/18
June, 2018
Animal Reiki Certification 6/2/18 Mysterious World of the Honeybee 6/4/18 Releasing Past tension and Trauma 6/5/18 Chinese Face Reading: What Your Face Says About You 6/11/18 Raw Vegan Cuisine 6/12/18 The Rainbow Serpent 6/13/18 Receiving Spiritual Transmission 6/23/18
August, 2018
Oneness with Spirit 8/4/18

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