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Infinity's weekly cable TV show Interviewing holistic practitioners & bestselling authors is on cable channel 19 Tuesday at 7:00 PM & Sunday at 1:00 PM
Inner Quest is broadcast in the communities of Glencoe, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Highwood, Highland Park, Deerfield, Bannockburn, Riverwoods, and Lincolnshire.

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The Infinity classroom is shoeless, since we offer certain classes where people sit and lie on the floor. If you get cold feet, you may want to wear socks.

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Advancing the Four Agreements into the Soul
Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr


Take an incredible journey applying the classic Four Agreements with Don Miguel Ruiz’s Jr. new work on the intimacy of the soul. Imagine living a happier, fuller, and more meaningful life, one without conflict, guilt, or shame. Embrace a life where you are free to express the real you without fear of being judged by others and to love and accept yourself just the way you are. This way of life is entirely possible. Based on the family’s Toltec wisdom, Ruiz Jr. shares how to apply his father’s best selling book The Four Agreements in your everyday life as an instrument of transformation in this interactive immersion. Thus, enabling you to co-create a mutual understanding within the group of each agreement, including the Fifth Agreement, be skeptical.

Experience embracing the code of conduct of the Four Agreements, including the Fifth Agreement to

  1. Be impeccable with your word
  2. Don’t take anything personally
  3. Don’t make assumptions
  4. Always do your best
  5. Be skeptical

Deepen your understanding and practice of The Four Agreements, and unlock the power of these simple agreements to discover the underlying wisdom of them, and how they have the power to rapidly transform your life to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love. Empower your life with impeccable communication and improve your relationships with everyone, including yourself.

Use the Four Agreements as a launch pad for deeper processing and reflection into your soul From this organic experience with time for questions and answers and interactive experientials.

Ruiz leads you to integrate the application of the Four Agreements with the intimacy of your soul. As this foundational understanding takes hold, you can apply it to all of your relationships and ignite your heart’s lantern. Whether you are working on moving beyond past hurts, celebrating or struggling with a life change, or simply expressing your respect and love, build awareness on how to bring greater intimacy and joy into your relationships. Intimate relationships are often the most challenging connections in life. They are laden with promise for safety, pleasure, and fulfillment, but frequently become battlegrounds where insecurities and personal demons come out to play—eluding the joy from what you hoped would be gratifying. Heal wounds from conditional love to love unconditionally.

Gain greater liberation, deeper intimacy, and tremendous honesty—the ingredients for real happiness in loving partnerships.

Improve or supercharge your relationships, change patterns that no longer serve you, and find out how to purposely and easily:

  1. Speak your truth in all of your loving relationships
  2. Know what you want and ask for it
  3. Spot and deconstruct the biggest myths that destroy real intimacy
  4. Make new agreements that are more in line with you true Authentic Self
  5. Use your awareness to heal the wounds that have impacted your relationships

Bring harmony into your most impactful relationship, the one with yourself. Further expand loving aspects to all of your relationships with those closest to you, whether it is your spouse, partner, child, friend, or others whom you cherish. Gain confidence and peace of mind and share that harmony with everyone in your life. Reclaim the freedom and joy that are a part of your birthright and restore the spirit of playfulness vital for love to blossom in all relationships.

A block of rooms is available at the Courtyard Marriott Highland Park, 1505 Lake Cook Road, Highland Park, IL 60035. Rooms will be held until July 27. To make a room reservation, call 847-831-3338 and identify yourself as part of the Infinity Foundation Room Block. Hotels in the area tend to sell out, so it is advisable to book a room early. There will be a free shuttle to and from the hotel to Infinity each day. O’Hare is the closest airport to Infinity.

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