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A Universal Human
Capacity for Conscious Evolution
Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard

The capacity for conscious evolution means that our species has become capable of understanding and resonating with the processes of creation itself. Already we can fathom the miracle of cosmogenesis—the story of the evolution of the cosmos. We can reach into the heart of nature and see the invisible workings of creation—the atom, gene, brain, ecological systems, stars, and galaxies. Spiritually we are attuning to the patterns of evolution within us as we begin to transcend the illusion of separation born out of the phase of self-conscious humanity. A great new world view, conscious evolution, is the next shift for humanity. Evolution itself has become conscious in humans—evolution by choice not chance.

Join bestselling author, Barbara Marx Hubbard, whose work has been to offer a direction for pioneering souls of the earth to find life purpose, connect, co-create, and envision together a world equal to our spiritual, social, scientific, and technological potential. Following the recent shift from December 22, 2012, the birth of a new era of evolution now poses deeper questions. Discover what really has been born. Be part of what it is to be a new human—a universal human—one who feels connected through the heart to the whole of life and is awakened from within by the yearning for life purpose and contribution.

Discover the meaning of your new power. Consider images of your future that attract you. Be guided on how to contribute to the evolutionary process. In the midst of a quantum jump to the next era of evolution, be part of a co-creative, co-evolving universal humanity. Recognize that evolution has direction toward greater complexity, freedom, consciousness, and order. Find that direction within yourself. Realize that you are filled with the impulse to be more, do more, love more. Experience a voyage from the origin of creation to the unknown future and:

  • Find your own part within the evolving world.
  • Gain an evolutionary perspective on the current crisis that gives guidance for action needed now.
  • Be assisted in identifying you in own life purpose and participation in the co-creative culture.
  • Form evolutionary circles to deepen resonance and cultivate deeper cooperation.
  • Find out about key projects and people now transforming the world.
  • Gain guidance in how to shift from ego to essence, deepening your own access to your true nature.

Your role, as you engage in conscious evolution, is to become partners in the process of creation, enhancing life on Earth and bringing Earth’s life into the universe. Become awe-struck with the magnificence of cosmogenesis as well as reverence of yourself as a creature of this monumental process.

Course 142146 CEUs available
Date  Saturday, September 20
Time  9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, lunch on your own
Cost  $100/85 payment 10 days in advance
Place National Louis University, Skokie Campus, FREE parking

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