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February, 2020
Empowering the Inner Warrior Goddess 2/24/20 Medicine Women 2/29/20
March, 2020
Intuitive Answers Within 3/1/20 Sumi-e Japanese Ink Painting 3/2/20 NIA Free Demo 3/2/20 Power of an Empath 3/2/20 Energy Medicine for Women 3/4/20 Spiritual Mentorship 3/4/20 Kundalini Yoga 3/5/20 Clear, Connect, and Thrive with Grace and Ease 3/6/20 Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Certification Training 3/7/20 Healing Karmic Patterns 3/8/20 Nia 3/9/20 Tapping to Let Go with EFT 3/12/20 Empowered & Authentic Living: Setting Loving Boundaries 3/13/20 Infinity Family Fest 3/14/20 Infinity Family Fest: Planting Kindness 3/14/20 Infinity Family Fest: Balance Boarding 3/14/20 Infinity Family Fest: Amazing Magic 3/14/20 Infinity Family Fest: Mindful Cooking 3/14/20 Infinity Family Fest: Music Sing-Along 3/14/20 Infinity Family Fest: Animal Quest 3/14/20 Aura Therapy Practitioner Certification 3/15/20 Ancient Secrets to Essential Oils 3/18/20 Spring Equinox Ceremony and Earth Altars 3/19/20
April, 2020
Radical Acceptance 4/6/20 Personal Revolution and Evolution 4/6/20 Gallery Reading 4/7/20 Strengthening the Pelvic Floor 4/14/20 Open Evening of Intuitive Readings 4/17/20 Balance Through Movement for Special Needs Kids 4/17/20 Empowered & Authentic Living: Attracting Healthy Relationships 4/17/20 Become a Boundary Badass 4/18/20 Aura Therapy Practitioner Certification 4/19/20, 3/15/20 Intuitive Receptivity 4/20/20 Lowering Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) 4/21/20 Dealing with a Toxic Work Environment 4/22/20 Using Flower Remedies 4/23/20 Balance Through Motion Using Balance Boards 4/25/20 Sacred Union 4/25/20 Kirtan: Meditation and Mantra 4/26/20

Inner Quest

Infinity's weekly cable TV show Interviewing holistic practitioners & bestselling authors is on cable channel 19 Tuesday at 7:00 PM & Sunday at 1:00 PM
Inner Quest is broadcast in the communities of Glencoe, Kenilworth, Winnetka, Highwood, Highland Park, Deerfield, Bannockburn, Riverwoods, and Lincolnshire.

Watch Inner Quest on YouTube. There are currently two YouTube accounts, please look at both this one and this one.

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Become a Boundary Badass
Nancy Levin

Nancy _levin

When someone asks you do to something with or for them, you might start out anchored in your sense of self, but their request can easily throw you off course of what you would really like to say. Instead, you may feel you must help or agree. Deep down, you know you would like to give another answer but it feels too uncomfortable to do that. You can have the mutual relationships you want without losing yourself, working so hard, or feeling like you are being compromised.

Become a boundary badass, a new way to embrace your life. Begin to acknowledge the truth about your preferences and share your needs clearly without guilt or explanation. Confidently collaborate instead of negotiating with someone. Boundary badassery helps you ditch the pull of obligation to take care of the another person at your own expense. Fearlessly dive head first into hard conversations.

The number one reason you do not set a boundary is that you do not know what to say or how to say it. Join master coach and bestselling author Levin to cultivate this important life skill, part of her soon to be released book, Setting Boundaries Will Set You Free. Find out about the boundary setting secrets that will stick and set you free.

If you have been people-pleasing and peace-keeping your way through your relationships, career, family, and friendships then it is your time to become empowered to speak your truth.

Through journaling, experiential exercises and processes, along with direct coaching from Levin dive deep in order to:

  1. Stop people-pleasing and putting your worthiness in the hands of others
  2. Set healthy boundaries and say “No”
  3. Examine the excuses you use to avoid creating the life you really want
  4. Live in alignment with your truth and desire—on your own terms

Boundaries make freedom possible; the kind of freedom that you may dream about each and every day. Find the grace and joy in giving yourself permission to put yourself first. Each time you set a boundary, you say “yes” for yourself. This workshop will be recorded and participants will receive a link to stream at their convenience as part of the workshop fee.

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Embodying Sacred Connections
Eben Alexander, MD, 2020 Infinity Foundation spirit Award Recipient, with Karen Newell

Eben _alexander

If you have been feeling, frustrated, confused, or hopeless about the state of our world, join Alexander as shares his amazing “wisdom answers” to propel you to rise above distractions and interferences that block your wholeness, healing, and higher soul development.

Alexander helps you cultivate an expansive state of awareness to transcend earthly distractions. Embrace a new perspective to rise above the chaos and realign with your higher soul consciousness. Tap into your infinitely powerful sense of knowing and loving as an integral part of your daily life. Make a profound connection with the deep healing peace of the Infinite Oneness.
Journey with Alexander, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Proof of Heaven, as he guides you with the wisdom cultivated from his life-changing experience during a seven-day coma. Alexander’s shared insights excite and motivate you.

Discover how to embrace a more authentic, powerful, and peaceful way of being in the world.  Cultivate profound harmony with the universe and unite with your higher purpose. 

Dive into infinite awareness and transform your daily grind—issues or problems—through reflection, discussion, and embodied spiritual exploration. Group sound journeys empower you to explore the heart’s crucial role in accessing deeper insights. As you discover your soul’s true purpose, shift into a bold new paradigm of oneness and interconnectedness to:

  1. Connect more fully with your inner world awareness and the power of your heart
  2. Discover how every interaction in life is an opportunity to grow spiritually
  3. Expand your view of yourself and others as souls with unique qualities and purposes

Newell offers cutting edge resources to quiet incessant mind chatter and release emotional traumas to find meaning and purpose in your daily life. Experience advanced brainwave entrainment technology produced by Sacred Acoustics for healing transformations. Gain meaningful insights into your relationships, including loved ones who have departed the physical world. Discover how unconditional love is the key to all higher consciousness.

When you embody your true spiritual nature, you establish a sacred connection to transmit healing energy, improve relationships, access creativity, and receive Divine guidance that enriches every facet of your life.

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Clear, Connect, and Thrive with Grace and Ease

Enhance and expand your life into a greater fullness. Gain a stronger sense of purpose and knowing with three dynamic experientials to clear what no longer works for you, connect more deeply with Source, and thrive in your daily life. Unburden yourself and release old stale emotional energies to open to new possibilities. Like a clean slate, source a deep inner connection and alignment to thrive with your intentions to enhance and expand your life.

Lisa _nitzkin Join Lisa Nitzkin, psychic medium, to connect to your intuitive inner voice. Unblock obstacles and burdens that hold you back from reaching your full authentic potential. Once these burdens are recognized, release them by writing then on a piece of paper to be burned during a sacred fire ceremony within the grace of the  community. Each person will hold space for one another as you strip, shred, and let go of grievances and watch your burdens disappear into the flames. This ceremony is a cleansing experience that enables you to open to new possibilities.

Ellen _katz Join Ellen Katz, LMFT, in opening to source a deep connection through a joyful inner journey. Experience a traditional Lakota Rainbow meditation to align your chakras. Connect with your Higher Source protectors to assist you in opening and visioning how to maintain a strong connection. In this integrated state, your Divine compass is accessible to give clear direction of opening to your true potential. Through an inspirational guided meditation, your body-mind consciousness can merge with your Divine source, enabling you to envision who, in this vital, integrated and connected state, you are becoming.

Martha _hayden Having cleared away burdens and established a deep connection, you are ready to thrive in your life in a new-found way. Join Martha Hayden, intuitive coach, to thrive with a vision of clarity. Experience a dynamic visualization where you see yourself thriving with grace and ease. Anchor a sense of knowing while participating in a medicine circle ceremony to integrate new realizations and pathways to fully integrate into your daily life. Thrive with radiant energy in an expansive and enhanced ability of your beingness.

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Infinity Family Fest

Funfest 2020

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